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Age Divisions

All age groups play highly competitive schedules, featuring tournaments, League games (at younger levels), and College Showcases (At older levels)


Our 11U teams (Spring, Summer, and Fall) play on a 50/70 diamond. We play approximately 15 league games, mostly on weekends, and sometimes a tournament game during the season.


Our 13U teams (Spring, Summer, and Fall) focus on the move to the 60/90 diamond. It is highly instructional, concentrating on all aspects of the game. One of our main goals at this level is to help smooth the transition from the smaller fields to the big field. We play 2-3 tournaments a season with our 13's. We split the teams as evenly as possible at this level.


During the 14U year (Spring, Summer, and Fall) The NJ Nationals will focus on developing each player for their high school careers and beyond.  This 8th grade year is extremely important to harness their skills and learn the game of baseball.

We expect each player to work on their game and strive to be the best teammate they can be.  Attention to detail during practice and games is vital to playing at the next level.


Our 15u teams play 2-4 tournaments in the Summer and Fall along with a regular schedule. Players continue to develop, or level off, and players can be moved from roster to roster from summer to fall.

16U AND 17/18U

These groups play predominately tournament schedules with some local games built in around the tourneys during the summer and fall. Both play local and out of state tournaments, concentrating on maximum exposure to a wide range of colleges.


Triple Crown US Baseball Championships(Richmond, VA),

Blue Chip Prospects, (NY and NJ), Perfect Game Tourneys, New England Elite Baseball Tourney, Bayside Yankees Invitational, Fordham University Tourneys, numerous

Diamond Nation events, Elite Baseball Tourneys in Maryland and others.